Upload of .csv data



I’m trying to upload to openSenseMap some data recorded by a Arduino-based mobile station, in .csv format. Every time I try to upload the file I get an “Invalid filetype” error

An example line from the .csv file:

If I copy the same data into the Measurement data field, it works fine. However, this is difficult to do with large amounts of data.

If I record data in .json format, I can upload it:

Still, I would prefer the .csv format, as it’s much simpler to implement in code.

Any ideas? What I’m doing wrong???


Hi @Electronza,

I just tried to reproduce the issue but uploading a CSV file did work in my case. Maybe you can upload your CSV file or a snippet so that I can check what’s wrong


Hi @Felix

Below is an example of .csv file I tried to upload on https://opensensemap.org/account/____/dataupload.


I tried both with Chrome and Mozilla, with the same error message.


Hi @Electronza,

thanks for your sample file. Uploading the file on https://opensensemap.org/account/____/dataupload works without any issue (tested on Chrome and Safari on macOS). The only problem I found was the trailing comma at the end of the line. After deleting this comma and changing the sensor id I was able to upload the data.

Can’t you even upload the small sample CSV file you provided?


I work on a Win10 PC. I was finally able to upload the data if I change the extension of the file to .json - now the file is test.json, albeit its content is in csv format.