TTNv3 + PAXCounter on TTGO V1.6

(Sorry my German is not good enough to describe my issue, but I probably could understand your answer in German)
I use a TTG V1.6 vwith SDS011, and PaxCounter running on it.
I tried to follow the documentation, and when sending something like

„frm_payload“: „AgBXAB4A“,
„decoded_payload“: {
„6272e883c18b98001c0XXXXXX“: 3,
„6272e883c18b98001cXXXXXX“: 8.7,
„PM10“: 87,
Opensemap map answer
value": {
„body“: „{„code“:422,„msg“:„Error: Array for sensorID ‚bytes‘ has an illegal length“}“,
„status_code“: 422,

Any clue to help me ?

@FabTangi Good Morning ! can you see the correct decoded payload in the ttn live-data view ? i can see some sensor-ids from opensensemap and the PM10 value …

Thanks for answering. I solved my issue by removing the PM10 in decoded payload. In fact is must contains only ID:value and nothing else. I did not understood that…

perfect - so this can be closed ?! – just let us know if there are any more problems / questions.

Yes, you can close. Thanks for your support!