Thingspeak IoT lab


Moin Björn,

you have published a new project related to Thingspeak with wifi and the BME680 sensor for visualisation of airquality in the channels of Thingspeak.

One question though before starting to copy the code: you make use of the bsec and the thingspeak libraries. It seems the Arduino IDE 1.8.12 is not compiling these bsec libraries for the Senseboc MCU (thingspeak libraries no problem whichsoever).
I read somewhere we need the IDE 1.8.10 and editing the platform.ini in order to compile properly the Bosch libraries. Is it this way you did it, with the old IDE version?
Or is there another way around before I uninstall my actual IDE 1.8.12 and edit the platform.ini?

Would be great though if a blockly environment was available. @mario ?

Tnx for answering.


Hi @wdebbaut,

I’ll put the Thingspeak blocks to my list :wink:

At the moment there is not way to use the BSEC Library with Arduino IDE 1.8.12 and if you use an older version you have to edit the platform.txt for the samd core package.

Kind regards