SenseBox Api: Writing Unit Tests with Test-API

I am currently collaboratively working on a Phyton Wrapper for the OpenSenseMap API. Therefore I wanted to write some Unit-Tests, to check, whether or not my API-calls are all executed well.

Writing Unit-Tests, that rely on the Live-API is kind of slow. I found out, that there is a Testing API ( which responds way faster than the Live-API. I can’t find any documentation on this Testing-API though.

Can somebody explain, what this API does? What it does differently from the Live-API?
Is this Testing-API even designed for the public?

Further, any advice on how to write good OpenSenseMap API Unit tests are deeply appreciated.

Hi @KoBru,

the Testing API you are mentioning has the same documentation as the Production/Live API.

The Testing API is deployed from the development branch

The Live API is deployed from the master branch

So the Testing API has at least the same status or is some commits ahead of the Live API (including bux fixes or new features)

We use our Testing API for testing our development stage. There is also an testing ui

So you can go ahead and run your tests against the testing api.

I don´t know if we have good tests :wink: but go ahead and checkout our tests under