Platformio config for Sensebox MCU

Hey Sensebox community,
I am getting into platformio and would like to migrate my sensebox code into a platformio project. I noticed there currently is no Sensebox MCU listed in the list of officially available platformio boards.
Using other boards like the Arduino Uno, the project won’t build, because libraries like SenseboxIO and VEML6070 and a few others, cannot be included. Already tried to use the Sensebox MCU’s Processor as an enviroment(ARM Cortex-M0+):

platform = nxplpc
board = dipcortexm0

This obviously failed too.

Is there another way to successfully build a Platformio project for the Sensebox MCU?

I know that in the Arduino IDE you can specify additional boards in the settings(
If there is anybody that already has a Platformio board specification for the Sensebox MCU, please share it :slight_smile:.


I’ll answer even if it’s been a while, but maybe someone is looking for the solution and comes across it here via search.

Based on the senseBox Board Support Package, which is also linked here, we have published a template which we use for senseBox MCU based on the ARM Cortex-M0 processor from the SAMD21 family for senseBox:edu and senseBox:home.

senseBox MCU mini should also run with it; we do not have senseBox MCU-S2 yet.

With Visual Studio Code, PlatformIO and many useful extensions in there, programming is much more fun than with the outdated Arduino IDE. …and the libraries in the Board Support Package are almost two years old, which is really bad, but solvable. Details can be found in our repo.


I am not very familiar with platformio development. Which platform should I use?

I don’t quite understand the question, for senseBox:edu and senseBox:home the platform is atmelsam.
See senseBox/platformio.ini at main · makerspace-partheland/senseBox · GitHub