OpenSenseMap Widget for Android

I’ve just published OpenSenseMap Widget for Android.
It can be configured to display readings from number of sensors of registered senseBox. Widget is refreshed every 15 min., but can be refreshed on demand, by tapping temperature display.
I’ve done it for myself, but it may prove helpful for community, so I’ve decided to publish. I would appreciate feedback.



Hi Milo,

i have installed your widget and tried to display our registered sensebox

It updates the temp, humidity perfectly, but the PM values are not the correct ones and besides expressed in %, rather than µg/m³.
see the picture below

Any ideas of what I did wrong? The values of PM should be 12.5 and 7.2 respectively instead.

It would be a nice to have for our students in our school on their smartphones so they could instantly know how the airpollution is at their schoolgates.

Yes, I’ve decided that % value is more intuitive than absolute value, so for PM10 100% is equal to 50 µg/m³ and for PM25, 100% is equal to 25 µg/m³. In next update I’ll add setup option to switch to absolute value. Thanks for feedback!


Hi Milo,

I installed the widget, but it doesn’t update automatically every 15 minutes, also tapping on the temperature doesn’t update the display.

Did I make any settings wrong or does the widget need any permissions in Adroid for automatic and manual updating?

I’m using Android 9 on a Samsung phone with latest updates.


Do you have any readings or they all show „unk“? When you set SenseBox Id in the setup, Ids for all sensors shall be populated automatically, and match those of your registered Box. If they don’t match for some reason, you have to correct them manually. If you see some readings, but they just don’t update, check the time of the last update on the webpage - most of the times I don’t see updates, is because SenseBox itself didn’t upload recent data to the server. No other permissions than access to the network is required, and it’s granted by default in Android 9.

Hi Milo,

this is my SenseBox:

It’s running and sending values every minute.

I had 2 or 3 readings at the beginning directly after setup the widget. After input the SenseBox Id all other sensors were detected automatically, expecting the pressure sensor. I had to include this Id by hand. When I remove the pressure sensor Id the widget was updated once but is still not reacting to manual requests by tapping the temperature value.

What is the reaction of the widget when a Sensor Id is not correct e.g. this one from the pressure sensor? Will this Id be skipped when requesting sensor data or will all other requests also be skipped?

One thing I found is that your pressure sensor gives hPa readings, while I only supported Pa units. It’s fixed in v1.2

Schon in Ordnung @Milo,

jetzt gibt es die Möglichkeit die absolute Werten zu wahlen für die PM data im Setup.

Schöne App übrigens!

Hi @milo1000,

Thank’s for your effort creating this Widget! Some feedback / ideas for improvement / feature requests:

  1. Only show available sensors / phenomena: Not every one has all the sensors the widget is currently trying to display. E.g. in my case I have temperature and humidity only, as my box is running from batteries. Ideally give the user the opportunity to choose which phenomena / sensor should be displayed.

  2. Link to the box on After looking at the most recent value in the widget, I often have the desire to see the graph. It would be nice to be able to open the sensor (or the box) in the browser by one-click at the widget. A double-click at the widget could do the refresh.

  3. Show the name of the box in the widget: As users might be interested in multiple different boxes and the box id is not intended to be human readable, please show the box name in the widget and in the setup page.

  4. Better font: The widget would look more professional if another font would be used. The current one looks a bit toyish. (my personal oppinion, no offense).

  5. Visibility of outdated values: As I would love to use the widget to quickly check if my box is still working, it would be cool to get a clear indication whether the sensor values are up-to-date or out-of-date. To achieve this it would be good to have a configurable timeout in setup so users could set a value based on their sensors update interval. I.e. if a box has an update interval of 1 minute I could specify a multiple of this (e.g. 10min). If the most recent sensor value is older than 10min (means 10 times no new sensor data) than we have a clear indication that something is going wrong (most probably with the box/sensor). In this case I would like to see the values (or the widgets background) in gray.

Keep up the good work! Would love to see further versions of your widget! :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW: Is the sourcecode published? Github? Would love to learn how to develop a widget.

Thanks a lot!