I cannot find the senseBox examples in Arduino?


I cannot find the senseBox example in Arduino? I followed your instructions ( https://home.books.sensebox.de/de/software_installation.html ) and exchanged the libraries and the example folder with your folders. However, it still does not work?


Hi David,

the archive linked in your post contains two folders: examples and libraries. Make sure you copy the contents of these two folders into their respective folders of your Arduino installation on your computer. The exact location depends on which operating system you are using. This link explains the different locations for the different operating systems.

Afterwards, the examples should be accessible under the menu point File > Sketchbook > senseBox



Hi Gerald,

thanks for your answer. My technical skills are very limited, so I just uninstalled/reinstalled Arduino IDE in order to determine the location of the folder. Then I just copied examples and libraries and it worked!

Thank you very much for your help!