API and Raspberry Pi

Im a newbie in opensensemap. I don’t have a arduino based sensebox. However i’m using a domotica system using raspberries. They’re all running on Linux. Also have some sensors outside. Now i would like to send my sensor data to the opensense server/environment. I have been searching a lot to find a suitable api config to do so. Untill now not succesful. I would like to keep it simple. Ik can fill a csv, json, usw with my sensor data but how can i get it in an api setup ? Can anyone help me ? Thank yo so much !

Hi Marc,
Did you already check


Hi Swenp,
Yes i did. Looked at it a hunderd times…
But good news !
Find out a way by Curl in PHP. The manual way in a Linux terminal worked when i perform this:

curl -H ‚Content-Type: text/csv‘ -d @sensedata.csv https://api.opensensemap.org/boxes/5dc684832d4ff9593411fcb0/data

In the sensedata.csv i have just 1 row like 5dc684832d4ff9593411fcb1,18. It works very well and now i have written a script to send my sensor data.
Thanks for yor response :wink:

Hi again,
I wrote a Python script now to upload the sensor-data to the Opensensemap server including token authorization. I’m using pycurl to on a Raspberry Pi to send the data over LAN. Let me know if you are interested in this script.
Ciao, Marc