Access SD card without removing

Hi, I have an SD Bee running on my CO2 monitor. However, it doesn’t seem possible to access the card using the cable. The Bee is incredibly fragile and also difficult to access through the casing. Removing the card everytime I want to download data will lead to something getting damaged.


you could read data from the sd-card an print it via Serial.print() to the Serial Monitor, but this involves flashing a new sketch to your MCU. Using the senseBox MCU with the SD-Bee as kind of a SD-Card reader is not possible.

If you want to access the data regularly and easier, using the wifi-bee or LoRa-bee might be a better solution.

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I will try a new sketch to the MCU.

What is the purpose of the SD Bee if it cannot be accessed without removing? Everytime I try to remove and push back the unit comes away from the board. I opted for the SD Bee so I could just take the unit to different locations and measure, such as train/office etc… To have to connect to a WiFi/LAN in these locations is not realistic.

In fact this makes the CO2 monitor a bit useless for me.

If the senseBox is not build in a case you can remove the SD Card from the SD-Bee without removing the Bee from the Slot.

We will think about upgrading the Case so that it is possible to access the SD-Card while the MCU is build in.
You can try drilling a hole in the case on the side of the SD-Card to get an access without removing the case.

If you still want to read the file from SD-Card through the Serial Monitor here is an example:

The most important part are the following lines:

 // read from the file until there's nothing else in it:
    while (myFile.available()) {

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Not sure if you have used the SD Bee? It is unbelievably fragile. It is not just the case that is the issue. Even if there was no case pushing the SD card in and out would not be easy.

Yes, using the senseBox MCU and the SD-Bee for over 2 years now without any problems. But you are right, that it is kind of impossible to remove the SD if the MCU is mounted in a case as you cannot really grab the SD Card from the bottom.

The main purpose for the SD-Bee was the use in the senseBox:edu where the mcu is not mounted inside a case.

Even with the side completely off, the bee is so fragile it is difficult to take out and push back in without dislodging it from the board. I worry that after a number of times taking out and putting back something will break.