Is there any full example with all sensors?


Dear SenseBox forum, i am really new using the SenseBox platform. I recently got the Version 1.3 but I am wondering if there is one full example with all sensors. Mainly using both I2C and UART.

As I understood at first sight, example of Test_Sensors is for older version, because it includes libraries of Adafruit, Arduino and SenseBox, while using UART, you refer to library SenseBoxMCU

Do you have also by chance a more detailed documentation apart from senseBox:home Book??

thank you very much in advance


Greetings @amejia and welcome to our forum!
You can find a full example of with all sensors in the examples of the SenseBoxMCU library. The sketch you are looking for is call mcu_component_test. If you can’t find this file you most likly have an older version of the board support package installed. I recommend the following steps:

  1. Check if version 1.3.0 of senseBox SAMD Boards is installed in Arduino IDE via Boards Manager
  2. Open example of SenseBoxMCU library called mcu_component_test
  3. In line 5 and 6 of the example you may have to (un-)comment one of the lines according to your setup (wifi or ethernet)

If you are looking for other examples check our blog and our project pages. Most of the content is in german so far but we are working on translations.

Best regards, Jan